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10 gedachten over “CryptoHopper – Making Crypto Gainz!

  1. I'm a fan of cryptohopper, thanks for sharing your settings. I'm stuck with some bags of NEO and now I see I can set up stricter buy triggers instead of the single STOCHRSI I'm using. Thanks for sharing ill give them a go!

  2. Can you test out the automatic arbitrage trading option they have?

  3. Definitely going to do this over PT. Just looks so much easier!

  4. Hey Crypto Gnome, thanks for the video as usual, very good content! That would be nice if you would try MiningHamster signals on Binance, BTC pair! I think it's better you do once at a time! I saw some really bad results of people running multiple at the same time! From what I heard and saw, the bests are MiningHamster and Altcoin Ninjas! Hope you will give it a try!

  5. Exactly how a BOT should trade, green light on multiple strategies BUY. Please Profit Trailer Dev team, take note..! I’m invested heavy in PT, so I want it to succeed. I’m not knocking PT, just want it to improve FAST..! Better buys, less BAGS.

  6. LMAO HAHA You win Today @helojoe92 Gnome Migity alredy used the free ones they are pump and dump signals dont bother testing The paid ones work and there are reviewed results on the sight under each signal.

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