CryptoHopper Update 12 – Why You Should Never Activate Stop Loss When Cryptocurrency Trading

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*CryptoHopper Update 12 – Why You Should Never Activate Stop Loss When Cryptocurrency Trading*

I never use stop loss and I explain why in the video. Stop loss sucks, big time. I don’t know why people want to use it unless they’re going all in with their maximum funds to buy crypto or anything such as stocks, forex, currencies, etc. It makes no sense to go all in no matter what you’re trading. Play it smart. Do what I do. *Never lose again.*

I’m not kidding folks! Do NOT use stop loss again. See how I do it.

I’m sharing my secret sauce settings for cryptohopper which have been tweaked and improved over the last 5 months to maximise profits and eliminate losses completely. Not many people can say that. But it’s a fact and you’ll see proof in all of my videos. The only time I have ever “lost” anything is when I started using cryptohopper in september and october 2020 and I panic sold (manually I might add) and lost about $10 total.

Now I never panic sell, I get excited when I see bags because I’m going to leverage them to make even more profit as a result. This little set up I have going is incredible and it’s only going to get better with time as I learn more and more and I tweak the settings some more.

All the settings I am using are shared in my secret sauce videos which I will give to you once I know you got Cryptohopper through my link. I will also be helping you out when you have questions/problems when we connect on skype.

I’ve even been setting up bots for people and charging $150 in btc. A bargain. Takes me about 3 – 4 hours work, but is a stress free option for those who are a bit scared of setting up a trading bot or scared of using a computer. Only those buying cryptohopper through my link will qualify for this extra service I provide.

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