How I got monetized in less than 2 months & my first YouTube PAYCHECK! *2022*

In this video I share my tips on how I got monetized in less than 2 months and what you can do in 2022 to get monetized quickly. I also share how much I earned my first month of being monetized on YouTube.

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Camera gear: 📸
– Camera Sony A7III:
– YouTube Lens – Sony 24mm 1.4 GM:
– Favourite daily all round lens – Sony 35mm 1.8:
– Medium telephoto – Sony 85mm 1.8:

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6 gedachten over “How I got monetized in less than 2 months & my first YouTube PAYCHECK! *2022*

  1. 💚💚💚 WELL DONE! Absolutely brilliant Alana! 💚💚💚

  2. Nice information. Just fyi, i got my monetized only in 3 weeks on desember 2021. Good Luck for ur channel and God Bless u

  3. Congratulations Alanna … I m sooo happy for you . you deserve much more . Wish you more success. ❤️

  4. I got an airwrap for Christmas and was nervous to use it after reading reviews about it causing frizz (my hair is very frizzy and wavy naturally). I came across your tutorials and followed one of them when I first used the airwrap. It helped so much and I was so happy with the outcome! Thank you!!!! 💖

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