It’s Over: Canada Bank Loses Billions in 2023

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10 gedachten over “It’s Over: Canada Bank Loses Billions in 2023

  1. We’re being lied to big time. And they aren’t even good at it. Very little has to do with pandemic unless pandemic is code for government corruption and BOC and Gov are one They caused massive debt for last decade or more. Home buyers they were pushing into panic buying are mere collateral damages. Millennial generation will be the ones solving this mess. Be nice to millennials they have much work to do and changes to make. These powerful people don’t really care about future generations survival

  2. I was paying $1500 monthly for my mortgagee in Feb 2022 with my variable rate. Now i am paying $2200 with interest hike Utilities and taxes are $600. My monthly income is $3400. I am left with $600. Please help me ideas with how i can deal with this. Sell the house? Any idea will be appreciated. I am in alberta. thanks

  3. If people took their money out of the banks then 99 percent of the population wouldn't have two nickels to rub together

  4. I like the deferred asset method. And if USA is doing it, I think Canada might follow it too
    I need to look at their books. I wonder what will be the other side of entry when cash runs out. I guess liability.

  5. It's getting time we wipe the slate clean of these corrupt turds and start over.

    The level of corruption in today's society is sickening.

  6. Hahah ya it’s conspiracy theories lol

    It’s Putins fault lol

    You’ll never see a liberal take responsibility lol

  7. I agree with you Russell, unfortunately, we do seem to import our financial policy – amongst others – directly from the USA. We will do what they have done. Not just because they have done it, but because the IMF and WTF will pressure our government to fall in line.

  8. The government literally is doing everything possible to destroy Canadians. Nowhere to live, no doctors and low income’s accompanied by super high taxes and super high prices. And no one says a thing about the fact that every year another 400000 people are allowed in to make our cost of living even higher? Why bring hundreds of thousands of people to a place where there is no housing no healthcare to support them? Do they want Canadians to starve and suffer in poverty?

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