Joe Rogan: WOKE Canada Telling Jordan Peterson To Get "Social Media Training" Or Loose His License!?

Joe Rogan & Bret Weinstein discuss the crazy WOKE shift that happened in universities that has now spilled over into mainstream culture. & Jordan Peterson is getting in trouble for Re tweeting someone critical of Justin Trudeau and Canada is now threatening to take away his clinical psychology license !!!! Have they become CHINA!? WHAT IS OGING ON IN CANADA ?? COMMENT BELOW

Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist, podcaster, and author. He is the author, along with his wife, fellow biologist Dr. Heather Heying, of “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life.” Together, they are the co-hosts of “The DarkHorse Podcast.”

Joe Rogan Experience #1919

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18 gedachten over “Joe Rogan: WOKE Canada Telling Jordan Peterson To Get "Social Media Training" Or Loose His License!?”

  1. Deep down inside you can clearly tell that the guest likes the move by the communist government of Canada… because he’s an outspoken fat liberal

  2. i think they may want to get him in to a room and bombard him with illogic arguments until he cracks. then toss him in a psyk word and forget about him and use him as an example or to try and instigate violence in the public. this is getting very dangerous we will been needing to remove the woke government pedo cult our self and by what did that world leader say in the UN by how was that i cant remember anyhow?

  3. anyone look at the socail midia of these people doing this to him and exposing that?

  4. Well it seems Peterson got what was comming to his Nazi ass. A slap on his wrist. We used to shoot nazis you know……

  5. I love all these goobers blaming Trudeau looking clueless. Trudeau doesn’t run the medical governing body that JP chose to be a part of.

  6. The labour party in UK also did a retrain to the new members of the party. Also purged the old school members. It looks like Klaus Schwab groomed well the future world "leaders".

  7. As a Canadian Monarchist, the state of this country is appalling. I can't decide what I'm going to lose first, my sanity or my brain cells.

  8. trudopes is at best a second rate drama ( supply ) teacher Mr J Peterson has credentials flowing from his pores ……………you do the math

  9. Here's an idea – don't tell people to kill themselves especially when your profession is supposed to care about people and support them. I used to be a JP fan, but he's a self important blow hard that had decent online lectures about a decade ago.

  10. Both the Left and the Right are capable of leading us into a totalitarian nightmare. As a liberal I am ashamed of what is being done to Peterson. He is one of the most insightful voices in our world today. Before party, before ideology, liberals and conservatives Must Join Together to defend our constitution and basic rights. In this case freedom of speech. Otherwise we are toast.

  11. Justin trudeau is the worst thing to ever happen to canada rulling like a communist leader. Silencing and of his critics shutting protesters. And has the balls to criticize the Chinese government for shutting down their protesters against their covid policy while he did the same thing against the freedom convoy peaceful protesters against his covid policy even invoking the emergencies act without a legal reason to do so and after the head of canadian intelligence agency said they do not pose a risk to national security

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