Last Chance to Get Paid in Canada

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14 gedachten over “Last Chance to Get Paid in Canada

  1. When most of your earnings are going to food, shelter and energy raising interest rates does nothing but put hardship on the working class. Eventually inflation will go down because its a year over year statistic and the central banks will claim victory but the reality will be they have stolen 10% of our purchasing power in 1 year.

  2. reading through the comments I am dismayed by the number of people who seem to blame unions (or immigrants on the other extreme) for low wages being offered at non-union jobs. It reminds me of a "joke" I heard. A rich man, a poor man and an immigrant (insert whatever minority scapegoat works for you) are at a table with 12 cookies. The rich man takes 11 cookies and says to the poor man. "That other guy wants to steal your cookie."

  3. the Governor doesn't know what he's doing, but following the States. high unemployment is not going to fix high inflation. freezes on corporations, oil industry and claw back on all government and crown corporations .total freeze on Liberal gift giving to other countries or dream projects with regard to climate, which is just a fraud to increase taxes. PRESURE ON THE N.D.P to allow an election to take place so we can put in a fiscally responsible government in power and start developing our resources to pay down some of this debt.

  4. Anyone over 60 years old remembers stagflation-a Trudeau specialty . The cure was spiking retail mortgage rates to 22%. I suspect that 10% rates would put most mortgage holders as renters of their homes when the banks become the title holders. I was lucky in the early 1980 s to lock in a 5 year mortgage at 13.5 % I truly hope this doesn’t happen to all the families that have bought homes and are currently holding on barely cash flowing their current mortgage. 😮

  5. The fear of rising interest has absolutely killed the construction sector. I work in renovations and it is dead. The phone is just not ringing. Worst I've ever seen. Now – instead of trying to get more people into the trades, no one will want to train, because there is fear of businesses closing. This isn't really an employee dependent situation. It's skilled independent workers who are paid per job.

  6. Russell, your perspective is a breath of fresh air. The bank of Canada and the mainstream is completely out of touch. They're stuck in a worldview that works for the elite…not average people! Keep up the great work!

  7. How about a basic income of $1000 per month attached to the GST rebate for those earning $20,000 per year or less, done through tax filings ??


  9. Bow about all the stinky rich banks and such that manipulated markets to get where they are take the hit.

  10. Cut government over/ wasteful spending, spending & giving away OUR tax dollars like a fool, decrease/ eliminate federal taxing… ummm I think that'd fix A Lot of the problem

  11. This is why we're continually broke… our government systems have such an ass backwards way of thinking/ fixing. Raise interest rates, dollar decreases, inflation increases, cost of living goes up. Increasing wages, leads to layoffs due to increased expense of small business & / increased pricing, leading to higher cost of living, & the hamster wheel spins even faster. Omg.

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