Saifedean Ammous: Is Fiat Money Worth it? Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Bitcoin 2022 Conference – Is Fiat Money Worth it?
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25 gedachten over “Saifedean Ammous: Is Fiat Money Worth it? Bitcoin 2022 Conference

  1. Bitcoin will lose its appeal once it goes below 10k
    Fiat is not the root cause of inflation!! That's a ignorance or a lie
    Read more about origins of inflation, you'll see in history books inflation even though they were dealing in gold

  2. The argument against fiat is laudable, no doubt. My question: why Bitcoin when there are (hundreds?) of alt-coins available? If Bitcoin isn't tied to any physical commodity, what makes it better than other digital coins? Also, is there any coin similar to Tether, except that it's tied to a commodity instead of fiat? I know about Goldmoney, but I think it's been effectively grounded by government regulation. Full disclosure, I am a hard money advocate (goldsilver bug), but I have no agenda to get in the way of fiat alternatives.

  3. He believes in the free market and everything is provided volantarily. Hes delusional but I agree it is populistic to trashtalk goverments and just generates more clicks.

  4. I love how saifedean is not afraid to go against the grain on the environment – inspirational

  5. Fiat doesn’t literally mean “by decree”. It means trust.

  6. The best presentation of the whole event. I think the fact that people are getting screwed over by their current financial system needs to be much more thoroughly emphasized when promoting Bitcoin adoption. Not only in America but in other parts of the world as well.

  7. Always <feel better after watching your daily streams, thank you! Wish I could make the Bitcoin conference but I can't. Keep up the good work, As a former Republican who got fed up with the party, and became a Democrat, I will consider voting for any Republican not named Donald Trump, in an election if they're pro-Bitcoin. I'm disappointed that the democrats seem to be the most opposed. It doesn't make any sense. The democratic party should LOVE something like Bitcoin which gives freedom to so many, and offers a way for so many people around the world to participate in the economy. I really hope the democrats wake up and start embracing Bitcoin, because it WILL cost them elections now, and especially in the near future. Bitcoin is keeping traders on the edge of their seat this week as support levels come close to breaking. To obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis. I know not many of us want to spend our bitcoin, but the fact that people can rest easy knowing they could spend BTC if needed at many places they already shop at to buy groceries and other necessities is huge. As inflation continues to ramp up, this can really help people. I'm super picky who I listen too for crypto analysis.. Bitcoin is increasing day by day and is not too late to invest right now, just make a move because starting early is part of the game and trading is the main game. 12 btc and still counting in just few months of trading, Expert Mrs. Robin Moore is the trade queen as far as I'm concerned. This woman has really change the life of many people from different countries and l'm a testimony of her trading strategy, easy to copy trade with and very accurate, you can contact her for inquires and profitable tr^ding systems on Telegram @moorerobin ** for any crypto related issues.

  8. We will find alternatives to running computers on electricity like Wind Power – Solar Power – Geothermal Power, etc. I'll let miners figure it out.

  9. 😁Hello Mrs Sophia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  10. I started with $1,200 at the beginning of March and I'm almost at $22,558 now!!! all thanks to Mrs Thurston Tamaae You're the best. Investment has been the only gap differentiating the poor from the rich..

  11. The cost of fiat brought me to bitcoin. I had watched Bill Still’s the creator of The Money Masters. Bill had a vlog, and I started watching. Then he started listing the price of bitcoin. I thought this has a chance, but thought I should wait until my road trip was over. $995 became $3,000. I wanted to buy it but my ex told me she heard bitcoin was phony. By the time it hit $7,000 she was on in convinced. I literally got on my knees, clasp my hands together, “ Bitcoin is Real, Bitcoin is Real, Bitcoin is Real”. She left my audio. 10 minutes later I called her on the phone, “ I don’t want bitcoin, or need it”. She replied, “ why not? I’ve already set up an account?” Five years later, and I believe five years after anytime you start stacking Satoshi’s, I could never afford what I had, or even a single digit of that amount.

  12. the people running fiat systems corrupted it to keep the people enslaved… we were all blinded for years… and now the awakening.

  13. Fiat money backed by debt slaves is the most environmentally damaging. It encourages ever growing populations in order to pay off yesterdays debts! Bitcoins electricity replaces debt slaves, and diesel for gold mining.

  14. I totally love all the memes he put into this presentation.

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