Social Media Training in Higher Education

How can institutions of higher learning better prepare students to use social media in professional settings or to market themselves. I talk with Syracuse University’s Social Media Professor, Dr. William Ward, a.k.a Dr. 4Ward, about how he prepares his students.

00:01:38 Who is Dr. William J. Ward aka Dr. 4Ward?

00:02:35 What colleges and universities are doing well concerning social media marketing

00:05:23 The misperception that young people inherently know how to use the tools of social media professionally

00:08:17 Where does the responsibility of teaching college students social media marketing fall?

00:10:57 Dr. 4Ward’s first attempt at integrating social media into his teaching.

00:14:50 Student reaction to integrating social media into traditional teaching

00:15:26 Persuading college students to use social media for class assignments and how it impacted getting hired for job

00:16:30 The Shift of Learning: Traditional lecture versus more interactive teaching via social media

00:17:53 The challenge facing teachers in being more accessible via social media

00:21:52 Pros and cons of using social media to build authority as an educator or professor

00:26:21 How to measure student growth and understanding of social media

00:29:36 Resources available to professors and educators that want to learn.

00:33:06 What is the future of things concerning teaching social media in higher education, and defining what a social media professor really is.

00:37:44 How to contact Dr. 4Ward

00:39:09 How Dr. 4Ward finds the time to be so active in social media