Wishlist Member on AppSumo Review: One of the original membership plugins for WordPress

See the webinar replay: https://youtu.be/cKJq79Z6fPw

In this video I’m going to give a spotlight on wishlist member which is currently up on AppSumo for a ridiculous deal Let me explain who this company is what they do and I’ll show you actually behind the scenes one of my websites that runs with wish list number and Thrivecart working perfectly together.

==Resources mentioned==
Wishlist Member on Appsumo: https://incomemesh.com/wishlistmember
Thrivecart (with exclusive bonuses): https://incomemesh.com/thrivecartbonus
Thrive Apprentice: https://incomemesh.com/thrivemembership

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Alright, so if you have a WordPress website and you want to have a membership system where people can log in get access to certain content and be protected away from other content wishlist member is one of the kind of OGs like the original gangsters of the membership plug-in game. If I click into this deal here, they’ve been around I think so 2008 I was chatting with Tracy one of the co-founders of the company and they’ve been around for a long time.

And up until recently, you can tell they had been around a long time. They kind of got a little long in the tooth and and they kind of were sitting on their laurels for a little bit. And I think that’s what sparked this appsumo deal was they kind of got a new fire and Underneath them they completely redid the interface to where it looks much more modern and it’s really sleek and easy to understand I’ll show you in just a little bit And I think to build up a bit more buzz for what they’ve done with their platform, they’ve launched this app soon a deal where for $49 you can get lifetime access to the platform.

So if I check out here for $49, you get three websites worth as well as some icons and other cool things there and a little basic WordPress course, which is great, but you’re really buying the plug-in list to be honest here. And then you can stack that up for a long time up until you get to 50 websites that you can use for life.

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19 gedachten over “Wishlist Member on AppSumo Review: One of the original membership plugins for WordPress

  1. Hey John, congratulations for another great video. I am a little confused, I see you use Kartra on one side, but also WordPress with Wishlist and ThriveCart. Which of these two systems do you recommend to create funnels? Or do you use a combination of both? Thanks

  2. John – Did I miss this, or are you still planning to do a WishList/Thrive Apprentice/ThriveCart integration demo?
    I'm evaluating my course funnel and have stockpiled a few solutions: Wishlist and Heights Platform from Appsumo. And I'm a ThriveThemes full subscriber. So I really want to understand the value of perhaps weighting my integration on the membership plugin + shopping cart with Thrive Apprentice (which I don't think of as being very full-featured) – or do I go with a more full-featured platform like Heights Platform, use their built-in payments and content protection?

  3. I'm so sad that this deal is now over 🙁 Huge fan of wishlist member for years, I'm running two membership sites with it. I will have grabbed the 50 sites offer in a heartbeat. DAMN…

  4. Hello

    I am using ThriveApprentice for the courses and I would like to use WishLish aswell.

    But I am really fighting with this I just need simple automatization but I am stuck because of language and unprofesional look invoices. Or does these both issues solve ThriveCart? 🙂
    I really need this whole process at Czech Language. Pages, course, payment – atleast card(will be epic if bank transfer too), invoice.


  5. Awesome tutorial! Quick question…I've recently purchased a code for 3 sites. Are you saying that I'll be able to utilize that one code on 3 seperate sites? Example, wishlist + snovio + etc? Or am I only able to redeem the code 1x? I'm new to this….just trying to get a grip on understanding.

  6. I have a question and would love some help.

    How do add a sign up form to my website to create a membership area to give access to our training program.

    I am totally stumped.

    I have aweber and wishlist integrated. But how do i create that membership sequence.

    Where do new people go to sign up? How is that sign up page created? How is the membership created?


  7. Great review! I'm just about to launch a membership site using Thrivecart so this is great info, thanks

  8. Hi John, I just bought Thrivecart from your link. Congrats :-). Could I have access to your Elementor Hero course? It'll be better for me than your bonuses. Edit: this video covers uniquely helpful stuff, great work. Cheers, Luke

  9. Add me to the count for the workshop. Would love to see you build it with Apprentice as well. Thanks!

  10. Hi John. Thanks for your video. Will definitely buy Thrivecart through your link, but when I go directly to their site, it says "THE WORLD'S EASIEST AND
    MOST POWERFUL CART PLATFORM IS COMING! NOTIFY ME WHEN THE WORLD'S EASIEST AND MOST POWERFUL CART PLATFORM GOES LIVE!" What's going on? I wanted to look up all it does and see pricing, but it looks like it's not available to purchase now.

  11. John,

    Thanks for this video! It was great seeing your backend, especially since I am a Thrivecart and Thrive Themes user. I signed up for the webinar, but since I signed up after you did it, I'm hoping you have a replay link? Again, thanks so much!

  12. John, I purchased WLM through your link above but at the end it said 'referral can't be found'. Let me know if you did not get credit for this sale so we can fix it. Ken

  13. Hi John, I appreciate your videos. I was wondering if this is a better option than LearnDash. My plan is to create a WordPress membership site that is course focused with a potential user forum. Since Wishlist doesn't create courses I am not sure I need it. However, I am planning on offering other content to my members and am wondering if it would be necessary to have both LearnDash and Wishlist?

  14. Hey John…you replied on a Thrive Themes thread that I'm on! I have Thrive Apprentice and have the Sendowl trial…and I don't like it. So I'm thinking: Thrive with Wishlist…and then use Thrivecart for my cart. Then I would connect Stripe to cart, correct?

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